XXlerator @ Dreamfields 2016 – LINE-UP

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XXlerator is back at Dreamfields Festival to give you the best the harder styles have to offer. Check out the line-up!

On the mainstage we present you an euphoric focused line-up with a lot of room for upcoming talents in the hardstyle scene, a special live-act and an amazing closing set by some real legends. In the XXlerator Raw area, you’ll find the hardest mo-fo’s around, with a special label showcase, some unique live-acts and for the real hardstyle lovers: the first hours will be classics-only!
Let’s highlight some of the amazing acts:

Happy Legends
Closing the mainstage with an extra long set, these legends will form a once in a lifetime act: Happy Legends. Charly Lownoise, Mental Theo, Paul Elstak and the Darkraver all are heroes of the 90’s, the 00’s ánd the 10’s. Rocking the stage every weekend, they know how to party. Expect a crazy mix of freestyle, with a mix of some real hardcore!

As one of the most popular live-acts of the moment, B-Freqz not only address the real raw hardstyle lovers, but know how to make ANY hardstyle lover jump their legs off. B-Front and Frequencerz are mates for life, and together with MC Nolz, this live-act is 30 minutes of pure energy!

Coone (10 Years Dirty Workz Set)
As the founding father of the Dirty Workz label, Coone has been on top of his game for more than a decade. Exploring the boundaries of hardstyle, his sound has evolved just like the music on his label Dirty Workz. Now, 10 years after the birth of the label, he will showcase some of the masterpieces they have released on that label. So be prepared for some of the golden oldies, mixed with todays hits!

Fusion’s Fearsome
Just like every year, we’ve asked a label to showcase some of their best music in the XXlerator Raw area. This year, Fusion brings their most fearsome artists. Leading the pack is Titan, one of the strongest raw acts of the moment. Standing next to him is Requiem, who has skyrocketed to the top with his hit ‘Collateral Damage’. Bringing the experience to the act is The Pitcher, who has more than a decade of banging releases on the Fusion Records label.

We <3 Classics!
With all the change happening in the hardstyle scene, a lot of people look back and listen to ‘classics’, tracks from 2005 – 2011 that have helped shape the scene to how it is today. Therefore we’ve asked The Geminizers to open the festival with 90 minutes of classics. Not the well-known hits you hear at every classic event nowadays, but the forgotten jems of our scene. After that, The Machine will continue the classic vibe with a special 60 minutes live-act full of his tracks from the past. Don’t miss it!

Euphoric talents
As the hardstyle scene is struggling with it’s own identity, the time of a flood wave of raw hardstyle talents seems to be over. It now seems that there is a lot of new euphoric talent surfacing, bringing a fresh sound to the scene. On the mainstage, we’ve made room for what we think will be the headline artists of tomorrow, with acts like Devin Wild, Rebourne, Envine, Sound Rush, Cyber, Sylence and Galactixx. Let their sounds make your day even brighter than it already will be!

Mainstage Hardstyle:
HAPPY LEGENDS (Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo, Paul Elstak, Darkraver)
Live: B-Freqz
Brennan Heart
Coone (10 Years Dirty Workz set)
Da Tweekaz
Devin Wild
Rebourne & Envine
Sound Rush
Cyber & Sylence
Hosted by Da Syndrome

Raw Hardstyle:
FUSION’S FEARSOME (Titan / Requiem / The Pitcher)
Digital Punk & Kronos (ITA)
Deetox vs Jason Payne
Live: DNR Prefix & Density
Live: The Machine (Classics)
The Geminizers (Classics)
Live: Sub Sonik
Regain (POL)
Hosted by MC DL


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